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About Us

Tel Funds Limited Company with registration number 13780192 is an investment management company that seeks to connect the information, people and technology needed to manage assets in real time. theTel Funds Limited platform combines sophisticated risk analytics with comprehensive portfolio management, trading and operations tools on a single platform to power informed decision-making, effective risk management, efficient trading and operational scale.

Leveraging on emerging technologies,Tel Funds Limited powers holistic investment management by providing tools to help communicate effectively, address problems quickly, and make informed decisions at every step of the investment process.

what are our business strategies?

Technological advantage
Product differentiation
Cornering a young market
Grow sales from new products

Opening Account

After registering on Tel Funds Limited, kindly proceed with deposit within 7days to avoid your account entering dormancy. Newly registered accounts without activity within 7days becomes dormant.

Why Tel Funds Limited?

Because we are safe, reliable , fast modern and transparent. We pull together all our resources to make sure your funds and investments are secured, we run a bi-weekly upgrade and maintenance on our company. There’s no room for fear when investing with Tel Funds Limitedas we employ the best brains and use the latest technology to safeguard our customers and their funds. We are dedicated to you and your success

Is my account fully active immediately after registration?

To fully activate your account after registration,you need to make a deposit, this creates a transaction history on your account which validates your account and makes it active.

Getting started with us is a very easy step to take with no complications , click on the get started button on any page on the website and provide us with your email , username and password. Register with a personal secure email because a verification code will be needed each time you login. This is to make sure each login is from you.


We accept a range of options including deposit via Ethereum, Bitcoin and Polkadot (DOT)

The minimum amount that can be deposited is $65 and there’s no maximum amount.

You can make deposit directly from an exchange Eg: Binance, coinbase etc or via A bitcoin ATM using barcode. Deposit via Exchange To make a deposit via exchange, kindly login to your Tel Funds Limited account , click on the 3 dots up left to access the make deposit option, click on make deposit,enter amount and choose the asset you want to deposit in payment method ( Ethereum, DOT, bitcoin) click on proceed and automatically a unique wallet address will be generated for you. Copy this wallet address, go to the exchange you want to deposit from, click withdraw, choose the same asset you chose in payment method, paste the address you copied from your Tel Funds Limited on the address box of your exchange and proceed. Deposit via Bitcoin ATM Follow the link to read how to use a bitcoin machineClick

No. We do not charge any fee for deposit. The fees you may incite is solely charged by the exchange you deposit from or the bitcoin machine. Our deposit is totally free.

Depositing in fortade is instant but there maybe delay due to traffic congestion and block confirmation. Once your deposit gets to fortade, it is automatically confirmed and an email sent to you. In the case of deposit via bitcoin ATM send a receipt of deposit to admin@Tel Funds Limitedbtc.com clearly showing the wallet address you deposited to , this will enable our customer service representative to attend to you within the shortest possible time.

A pending deposit signifies unapproved Deposit. If you see this it means that(a) Those funds are on hold while we verify them or (b) you didn’t complete this deposit.


Our withdrawal is instant and the duration it takes to be deposited in your wallet depends on the exchange you’re using.

The minimum amount one can withdraw is $20 and maximum amount is $500000. Withdrawal is deducted from Total earning wallet. We support all exchanges for withdrawal.

Login to your account, click on withdraw fund, enter the amount and the asset you want to withdraw (BTC, coinbase etc) and proceed. Withdrawal is instant and Tel Funds Limited is not liable to any mistake resulting from wrong wallet address or asset mismatch.

No. You must be KYC verified before withdrawal.


We accept any Government acceptable ID like Driver’s license, international passport.

To update your KYC, simply login, go to account,settings, KYC and upload your document. KYC verification is instant

Dormancy fee and Bonuses.

For any consecutive 30days or inactivity( no investment or deposit), your account will automatically be flagged dormant by our system and for you to have access to your account, dormancy fee applies. The amount paid as dormancy fee is automatically determined by the system based on duration of inactivity. Note: withdrawals are suspended in dormant accounts.

The dormancy fee should be paid as normal deposit and receipts send to admin@Tel Funds Limitedbtc.com.once confirmed, it’s automatically deducted and access to account regained. Bonuses. Who’s eligible to participate in bonuses? All registered customers are eligible to participate in bonuses except otherwise stated. Note: Bonuses are time sensitive.

Account and Privacy.

Incase if demise or inactivity upto 180days, Tel Funds Limited contacts the next of kin to know the situation of things with our customer and if the customer is dead, a death certificate and other documents that can be used to verify the authenticity of the information will be requested by fortade for claiming of funds by the the next of kin.

Yes. Always update your password whenever you update your account information. This is for security reasons and to prevent being locked out by our system.

General Queries.

We can be contacted via admin@Tel Funds Limitedbtc.com or through our 24/7 live support when you login on our website.

Yes. We give our customers the opportunity to increase their earning via referral. We reward our customers 10% of whatever amount the person they referred deposit. Note:This is fully paid from our pocket and doesn’t affect the new customer’s deposit

Yes. Our customers funds are completely secure. We’ll take minimum risks while trading to protect our investor’s funds. We employ the use of high tech robotics algorithms in trading.With our insurance funds, we secure our member’s investments.

Delivering high performance with clients projected satisfaction

Over the years putting our clients first has made us a very successful company as their satisfaction sends goodwill messages about us to the world and has attracted investors from all works of life to our ever expanding community. Our team comprises of industry professionals who are well acquainted the services they render.

Cryptocurrency Mining & Trading

Cryptocurrency mining and trading industries came and took the financial market by storm. Over the years investments in this fields has been very encouraging and profiting, the best part is yet to be experienced.

Stock & Commodities Investments

There are several ways to invest in commodities. One is to purchase varying amounts of physical raw commodities. Investors can also invest through the use of futures contracts or exchange-traded products(ETPs).

Retirement & future plans

Our Retirement planning includes identifying sources of income, sizing up expenses, implementing a savings program, and managing assets and risk. Future cash flows are estimated to gauge whether the retirement income goal will be achieved.